In the age of
"Don't bring me questions - bring me solutions!”
I love to see myself as an upstream salmon

Few years ago, we were all babies. And how babies discover the world? By observing first, then touching some parts of it, then.. The magic happens: they ask "why?". I think that asking ourself the right question is something very hard, but also something natural. So, why do we love solutions so much, even when we don't know the real hidden problem?
 Industries experience

Most of my projects are in Telco, Ecommerce, Pharma, Airport, Travel and SW industries but i’m hungry for new discoveries. Contamination and pollination of practices is just awesome

 Co_design sessions

This number is continuously growing and represents my effort and dedication to co_creation process. To design a new way of interaction, to create new connections is my everyday lighter

 Hours per day

Average time I spend observing what & who is around me. Inspiration is everywhere. I discovered it the first time I was so brave to put the phone in my pocket. In the tube

 Filled Moleskine

Even if I am not a pro sketcher, I love to foster my thoughts. It can be a draw or a poem or what ever. Writing down stuff is my personal way to ask myself “Why”, “How”, “What the hell ‘r u doing?”


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